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Dentures in Edinburgh

Removable dentures are one of the most common ways of replacing missing teeth. Dentures can replace either a few teeth - a partial denture - or a whole set - complete dentures.

Without them vital support is lost to the cheeks and lips and facial muscles may sag, making the patient look older.

Some people are worried that others will be able to tell they have dentures, but the quality and appearance of today's acrylic dentures is far better than ever before.

What is a denture?

Dentures (also more commonly known as false teeth), are worn by patients that need to replace lost teeth or missing teeth so that they're able to function and eat as they'd expect to. Although dentures are a general dental treatment, their cosmetic benefits are obvious, because they give the appearance of a full set of teeth.

We offer two types of dentures – Partial and Full. Partial dentures are used to fill space left by missing teeth and may be fastened to your natural teeth. Full dentures replace an entire row of teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

How long should I wear my dentures?

Our dental team here at Marchmont Dental Care may ask you to wear your dentures most of the time for the first few days, including when you sleep. Once your mouth adjusts to having dentures we may ask you to remove them whilst you sleep. Doing so will relieve your gums and will help keep your mouth healthy. To stop your dentures from warping, you will need to keep your dentures in a glass of water.

How long will my dentures last?

We will give you all the information you need to look after your new appliance during your first visit. Doing so will mean your dentures last several years. It is still important to book several visits at Marchmont Dental Care so that your dentures can be relined or even re-made. A loose fit can be uncomfortable and will affect your ability to eat and talk.

Same day dentures in Edinurgh

Under normal circumstances, we will be able to fit immediate dentures the same day that your teeth are removed. The dental team here at Marchmont Dental Care will need to take measurements and impressions of your mouth, so you will need to visit our practice beforehand.

The benefit of having an immediate brace is that you do not need to be without teeth whilst your gums are healing. Your bone and gums are likely to shrink during the following six months after having teeth removed, so you'll be asked to make visits if your dentures need adjusting or replacing. Immediate dentures may not be suitable for everyone and you may be asked to wait until your gums heal, but we will assess this during your consultation.

How much will my dentures cost?

This depends on the type of dentures you need. For a Cobalt Chrome Partial Denture we charge £550, and for full dentures, the cost is £670. Please talk to us about our 0% interest-free finance and low-cost finance options, which you can receive with a minimum spend of £1,000.

With our 0% facility, you pay the costs of your treatment - no more and no less. Interest free means just that! In terms of the low cost facilities, we provide you with a quotation that shows the monthly payment and the total interest payable over the term of the loan. There are no hidden costs and no deposit required!

Click the image below for the Chrysalis Finance Calculator and see how much your treatment will cost

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What should I do next?

For further information on complete or partial dentures, please contact a member of the Marchmont Dental Care team on 0131 229 5542 or fill in our enquiry form here.

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