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Private treatment fees in Edinburgh

This is not a complete scale of fees as there are many variations to fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures etc., but we have tried to make it as clear and comprehensive as possible.

New patient examination, including full dental charting, periodontal assessment, oral cancer screen and up to two small X-rays £67.50
Routine examination including up to two small X-rays and simple scale and polish £67.50
Amalgam fillings From £45.00 - £112.50
Opalescence teeth whitening £350.00
Extra pack of four teeth whitening syringes £45.00
Maylands dental bridge From £382.00
Extractions £45.00
Composite (white) fillings From £45.00 - £135.00
Root fillings (including X-rays) From £255.00 - £440.00
Crowns From £445.00
Lava All Porcelain Crown £590.00
Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers £450.00
Invisalign £3,800.00
Six Month Smiles £3,075.00
Full/Full Dentures £700.00
Cobalt Chrome Partial Denture £580.00
Implant Supported Crown From £2,150.00
Bone Grafting From £350.00
Sleepwell £385.00
E-max porcelain inlay / onlay £505.00
Gold inlay / onlay £540.00

Following an examination, we will provide you with a treatment plan detailing the treatment that is required and a costing for this.

Should you desire any cosmetic dentistry, such as white fillings in posterior teeth, you should inform us at the beginning of your treatment so that we may quote for this.

This scale of fees shall be in place from 1st January 2018 until 31st December 2018.

Payment of private dental fees

Private dentistry can be paid for either on a ‘pay as you go’ basis or by joining a dental insurance scheme like Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners (LIDP) or Denplan.

If you wish to be given a dental fees quote to join LIDP, please ask your dentist. You may be surprised to find it costs less than you think!

Otherwise, payment for any dental treatment carried out will be required at the end of each surgery visit.

Marchmont Dental Care also offers interest free credit, click here for details. If you have any queries about any aspect of your dental treatment or the associated dental fees, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Marchmont Dental Care team on 0131 229 5542 or email for further information.

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