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Dentist reviews for Marchmont Dental Care in Edinburgh


Here are some handwritten testimonials from our happy patients

"This decor is beautiful and spacious; I am guessing this was quite the luxurious flat back in the 19th/early 20th century. The staff; nurses and dentists alike, are always friendly and on hand to answer any questions you might have about your dental care and are interested in making your experience as pleasant as possible. Visiting the dentist can be daunting but at Marchmont Dental Care the dentists always manage to put my mind at ease, especially John, with his witty chat. In conclusion, if all dentists were like this you'd want to visit every few weeks not once every six months. I can also say that my teeth have never been so healthy: you know those adverts you see for toothpaste/mouthwash etc. and you don't know what to believe: they cut through the bull and give it to you like it is and what is best for you and your mouth. Great dentistry, five *s" James B. - 8th March 2019

"Big thank you for treatment over the years" Phil Docherty - 28th November 2018

"THANK YOU. Extremely satisfied- as I always am under Kate's consummate care. I'm always recommending the practice. BEST I've ever attended." Claire Ashford - 27th November 2018

"So glad we found Kathryn as a dentist. The kids are so happy to come to the dentist. Kathryn and Gill always make us feel so welcome. Thank you." Mhairi and Freya Smith - 5th November 2018

"Amazing service. Lovely staff. Beautiful space." J Vst - 3rd January 2018

"NHS and private dental care available. Friendly staff." M Little - 2nd January 2018

"I would never consider using another dentist. Have been visiting for 20 years now and have always had great experiences. Would be lost without them. I should add that I am a dental phobic and have always found the staff very understanding." Richard Fairbairn - 7th November 2017


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