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Keeping up with Technology

At Marchmont Dental Care we pride ourselves on keeping up with the times and the technology which helps make a visit to the surgery easier for patients, young and old.

We believe that our patients deserve to benefit from the latest advances in technology and while our premises are traditional, our technology is state-of-the-art.

All our patient records are held in a computer database and we now have digital X-ray facilities.

These require significantly lower doses of X-rays to produce a picture of the tooth and are therefore safer than conventional systems. The digital X-ray pictures (radiographs) are sent directly to our computers where they can be viewed instantly. Radiographs enable us to see between your teeth or under the edge of your fillings and are used to detect problems early, saving both time and money. The radiographs are stored immediately in a computer record, giving an increased level of confidentiality and ensuring that we never lose a radiograph. They can be recalled by the click of a mouse.

In support of our digital X-ray facilities we sometimes use intra oral cameras to show patients what’s happening inside their mouths. The cameras enable us to explain more readily problems within in the mouth or demonstrate oral hygiene issues - a picture is often worth more than a thousand words.


Marchmont Dental Care has installed a Local Decontamination Unit (LDU) to ensure the appropriate cleaning and sterilising of our re-usable dental instruments to meet the highest clinical standards.

Our LDU provides a one-way flow of instruments from the ‘dirty zone’ or cleaning area, which is separated from the ‘clean zone’ that contains the instrument inspection area, sterilizer and storage areas. The dirty zone is physically separated from the clean zone where sterile instruments are packaged and stored ready for use with each new patient appointment.

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